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NEW in 2024. We now feature videos on our front page, here and on the Metro site. We’re also inviting producers of Comedy to submit their programs for distribution.

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Okay, back to what’s new. Importantly for ACTORS and HOSTS; we are inviting you to shoot very short videos with your cell phone in your home-studio. Your video will be used to introduce video segments in our Television Magazines. Our “Magazines” are similar in format to America’s Funniest Home Videos and programs like “Dog Tales.”

Some of our programs (in pre-production) feature compilations of Metro Film Festival shorts and other shorts that we’ve picked up for Television syndication. You can watch some of these shorts on our Roku and Amazon Fire TV channels, and right on this page or our festival website. One of our favorites is “The Do’s and Don’ts of Doomsday Cult Dating” by Cheeky Moon.

Doomsday Cult Dating is a winner of the Metro Film Festival. It is slated to be part of our upcoming Television series. We’re looking for talented, fun-loving HOSTS to present a brief intro to short films like this. If you have a good-cell phone, imagine doing a video of yourself introducing the Doomsday short. What would you say? Maybe you would reference their IMDB page for information about the Director or the Actors. Or maybe you would say something impromptu about the film like “…I highly recommend meeting girls this way, after all it’s cheaper than online-dating, and you might even get some cool Cult swag or a T-shirt that says — I Met My Wife in a Cult…”

Anyway, that’s my stab at a funny remark, maybe I need to have another cup of coffee before writing this stuff — but you get the idea. Connect with me on if you interested.

Our newest Streaming partner is RlaxxTV. Based in Germany they stream on RlaxxTV and Whale Eco devices in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

About Movies Plus TV

Movies Plus TV is a Connected TV network that uses the Metro Film Festival to find indie content. Short indie films typically won’t generate any advertising revenue, so we do something unique: We License “Hollywood” content, movies like Tom Selleck in “Mr Baseball” and TV shows like Evening Shade with Marilu Henner.

We use Hollywood quality content in order to monetize and financially support our Streaming TV channels and affiliations with BroadcastersThis model works in the USA and abroad. Read more about how we use PRE-DISTRIBUTION to make indie-made films and TV-shows successful…

We started on Amazon FireTV’s Set-Top Boxes in 2015. We expanded into Roku a year later. Now we’re also on RlaxxTV, and we are affiliated with an Over-the-Air Broadcaster in 30 markets with a reach of over 40 million. OTA is great way to get a independently produced film/show exposed to the kind of people that pay for good content.

Roku and Amazon Fire TV…

These are all devices that stream content via an Internet Connection and a Television. Devices like this commonly employ Streaming TV Publishers like me who offer assorted TV and Movies programming. Most of the content is free and subsidized by Advertising. The “device” in question is usually a small electronic box or “stick,” and it plugs into the HDMI port on your TV. Cost is about $30. (Note that Roku and Fire make their own TV’s now, and they are affordable and very nice.)

Below is a snapshot of our presence on RlaxxTV.


Did I mention we produce a Film Festival? It’s been happening for 7 seasons, and we’d love for you to visit the Fest online or at a Venue, but meanwhile below is a little video by one of our winners. It’s on our CTV channels too.

Get your film on TV via our Metro Film Festival, it’s very inexpensive. We also offer a Critique service for Feature films and long-form content.

We are more than a Connected TV Platform, we also distribute HLS (FAST) TV channels.

Are your a Content Producer or Publisher? If you have an HLS stream, join the ranks of professional, licensed content like NEWSnet (fresh, nonpolitical news) …

And you could be next to cool channels like DarkMatter (Sci-Fi and Thrillers) …

These and more great channels stream 24/7 on our Movies Plus TV network. Contact Dean via or chat with Dean on FB: or Twitter:

More details about our search for TV Pilots and COMEDY content:

Recently distributors in Asia mentioned to me that they could not air my Horror/Thriller content because of Age-Restrictions.

I don’t want to lose these broadcast regions, so I took a good look at my library of content in order to find movies and TV-shows that would be appropriate for the Asian television audience. Aside from my catalog of Metro Film Festival content, I also have a large catalog of Comedy.

This is where you’ll see an opportunity to stream some great content, new and old on my new channel, called “Movies Plus Comedy.” If you’re a Producer, Director, or acting-talent, please make note of this opportunity. I can stream your content.

Make a show, shoot a segment…use your imagination. There’s really only one important caveat — keep it clean.

That means, no words like “ass” etc. You may be saying, oh brother is this strict or what? Sorry folks, but we have to keep our content very very clean. For our presence on RlaxxTV, we license Yes Dear – it’s very funny. And Evening Shade with Burt Reynolds and Marilu Henner is also a favorite.

Yes Dear stars Anthony Clark Liza Snyder, Jean Louisa Kelly. We also stream some very cool retro films with Cheech Marin, musician Adam Ant, and Debbie Harry (of Blondie.)

Below are Indie Films that are currently streaming on our CTV channels, but not our Over-the-Air partners. Why? Because these two short films may be a tad…adult in nature. And our OTA partners cannot air content that could get them charged with a $10,000 FCC fine. So when it comes to content with adult language and situations, we stream on our FireTV and Roku channels only.
Here’s the Metro Film Festival winner, an indie film that is much like a Tarantino homage. Director Chris Hall calls it “This Day Sucks.”

Below is another of our Favorites, the Nollywood short film Thriller “Near Miss” available here, and of course on our Movies Plus Roku and FireTV channels.

Watch on our Connected Roku TV Channel…

Movies Plus on Roku TV, a professional gallery of film and television, it’s LIVE and VOD — all FREE.

Watch on our Connected Fire TV Channel…

Movies Plus on Amazon Fire TV, since 2015 with tons of FREE LIVE and VOD movies of all genres

The Metro Film Festival

Metro Film Festival Information by Apple Pie Films, LLC. Or jump right to our Fest entry page on Film Freeway.

Dean’s experimental films

“Cosmic Pizza” (feature film)

A group of spaced-out friends pretend to be Aliens from planet Zarconite. They record all their exploits, but when they share their videos they find that some people actually think it’s for real.  This is a light comedy, not a horror, but it’s just experimentally weird enough to be distributed by Troma. Watch on TromaNow or online here.

Lights, Camera, Aliens (feature film)

A television cameraman tells the story of a woman who produces a TV show about Space-Aliens who use a type of mind control called “Cosmic Con-shuss-ness.”  This is a light comedy, not a horror, but it’s just experimentally weird enough to be distributed by Troma. Watch the feature film on the TromaNow App or watch online here.

Dean w Cast on arm

About these movies

That’s me wearing a cast on my arm. It’s a long story that resulted in the production of two very strange movies. The cinematography features the beautiful Arizona Desert, including Apache Junction, Papago Red Rock Park, and Phoenix’s “Alice in Wonderland” teapot (our Spaceship.)

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